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Programmable keyboard has the following features:

Matrix 64 keys with the ability to combine keys into a group
(1 x 2, 2 x 1, 2 x 2). Pressing and releasing a key can be programmed to send up to 256 scancodes, a soundtrack, a transition function between four layers.
Key for three positions. Allows you to program at each key position sending up to 256 scancodes, sound track, keypad lock and transition to one of four layers.
Four programmable layers – four separate layouts.
Metal case, the following colors are possible: white, beige, black.
Ability to set the audio track by pressing a key, by turning the key, by reading a magnetic card.


Type of button modules Cherry
Keyboard type Mechanical
Number of keys 64
Resource clicks on each button 50 million.
Number of key positions 4 position 4 positions
Interface PS/2 – 1 PC
Output voltage +5V +10% PS/2
Operating temperature range, °C -20°C..+50°C
Case Color White, Beige, Black
Magnetic card reader Yes


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Programming keyboards КВ-64RK

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